Implants vs. Dentures: The Best Option for the Best Smile


When it’s time to look into full mouth dental work options, you are pretty much limited to two: dentures, or implants. But which is the right option for you and what are the pros and cons of each? In this article, we are going to explore life with dentures versus life with dental implants.

Life with Dentures

Dentures can be a very economical option for someone who has had all of their teeth extracted. But dentures are not as inexpensive as they seem after the long run. Most dentures require regular use of a cream or adhesive to keep them in place, as well as cleaning products, and will eventually have to be remade or realigned. Dentures are also hard to keep clean, can move around inside the mouth, and can inhibit the types of food you can eat. They are not a great long term option, and they can slowly deteriorate jaw integrity and cause more problems then they are worth.

Investing in Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants might be greater than dentures initially, but they are a permanent solution that comes with far less discomfort and inconvenience. Implants are not simply something that sticks to bare gums, they look and work like actual teeth. So there is no need for realignment or reinstallation down the line, and they are easy to clean and don’t require special products. So you end up saving a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run when you choose dental implants instead of dentures.

Teeth-in-a-Day for 1 Flat Rate

At WeSmile, we created the FIXon6 Dental Implant system. We offer Teeth-in-a-Day for 1 flat rate. That means there are no surprise fees on your bill after your surgical procedure is complete. Our FIXon6 Dental Implants come with an amazing warranty so your beautiful smile will last through unexpected situations. Contact WeSmile in Hatboro, PA today and schedule an appointment.


Todd Singer, DDS

Todd Singer

Dr. Singer is a proven leader and expert in clinical excellence. He earned his DDS at the State University of New York at Stony Brook then completed his Periodontic Residency at the University of Maryland’s Dental School in Baltimore. He was a clinical instructor at the University of Maryland for many years and has now brought that same expertise to his position at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine where he is currently an Assistant Dean. Whether it’s teaching future dentists or caring for patients at WeSmile, Dr. Singer is happiest when he’s in a dental setting.

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